Muscle Snatch

The Muscle Snatch is a great way to increase the strength and speed of the turnover in the Snatch.

Muscle Snatch Demonstration

I’ve seen too many athletes do a great job of using their legs to drive a barbell up only to forget to keep pulling on the bar so that they can pull their bodies underneath. This results in a slow turnover, and when the weight is heavy, a missed lift that shouldn’t have been missed. In this situation the athlete will benefit from performing muscle snatches.

Execution of the Muscle Snatch

When executing the muscle snatch it is important to use the same set up in your normal snatch. From there, the pull from the ground all the way to full extension of the hips is the same as your regular snatch. Then, instead of bending the legs and pulling your body underneath the bar, you leave the legs extended and continue to pull the bar overhead. There will be momentum from the leg drive, but the idea is that as the momentum slows down you engage the upper body to finish the movement. This will work all the muscles that are involved in performing the turnover of the snatch.

Use the Muscle Snatch at beginning or end of workout

The muscle snatch is a great way to warm up for a weightlifting workout, or even at the end as accessory work. Many of my athletes will perform a series of muscle snatches into overhead squats as they warm up for a workout that will involve Snatches.

The heavier your muscle snatch gets the faster and stronger your turnover will be.


Monday, August 22, 2016

CrossFit Total is the workout today if you are joining us on the Zone challenge for the next 4-5 weeks.  Tomorrow will be Helen.

CrossFit Total

  1. 1RM Back Squat
  2. 1RM Shoulder Press
  3. 1RM Deadlift

If you are only lifting than follow below:

  1. Power clean above the knee
    1. 65 x 4
    2. (75 x 2)3
  2. Jerk from Behind the neck
    1. 70 x 2
    2. (80 x 2)3
    3. (90 x 2)3
  3. Back Squat
    1. (80 x 2)6