JP Bolwahnn

Before I was introduced to CrossFit I had been in the military as a Navy SEAL for about 10 years.  A couple of friends were doing CrossFit workouts that seemed fun and challenging.  It opened my eyes to the importance of having a well rounded fitness program.  Many of us at the command quickly attended a Level 1 CrossFit Seminar and started trying to incorporate it with the BUD/S students in 2nd Phase.  We immediately realized the importance of this kind of fitness in the special operations world.

CrossFit has allowed me to do things I never would have thought possible.  I left the Navy after 13 years to become a full time coach and chase a passion of improving the lives of others. CrossFit has also allowed me to stay active with sports and improve my own health and fitness.  

I played at the highest level possible in Rugby on the Mexican National 7’s Team in the 2009 USA 7’s and played for a nationally respected rugby club in San Diego (OMBAC).  

I was then able to play college football as a running back at the D1 level.  I was 33-35 years old when I played football for the University of San Diego. One of the best parts of CrossFit is that it introduced me to another love, Olympic Style Weightlifting. I occasionally compete in Master’s weightlifting meets. 

I now have the privilege of instructing CrossFit Headquarter’s Seminars teaching the Level 1 and Level 2 seminars to people that are interested in becoming coaches in CrossFit or wanting to improve their coaching craft.   

I also had the opportunity to work as a Strength and Conditioning Coach at the University of San Diego and worked with football, women’s soccer, men’s and women’s crew, golf, and baseball. USD served as an affiliate (CrossFit USD) for some time and I coached the group classes there as well.  

All of these experiences would not have been possible had I not started CrossFit. Through CrossFit I have been introduced and become friends with many world-class coaches.  

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Mary Bolwahnn

Growing up on Kauai, I have always been active. Going to the the beach and hiking were weekly activities. I was a competitive swimmer in high school. In 2008, I moved off island to attend the University of San Diego where I became a coxswain on the school’s Mens Crew team. 

In the weight room and Economics classroom, I met JP. At the time, I was running half marathons and taking yoga classes. Picking up a barbell was not in my repertoire. However, after a few months of dating I was finally convinced to take my first CrossFit class.

From there, I grew to love the sport for the feeling of community and the health promotion foundation. A few years later, I took the CrossFit Weightlifting and Crossfit Level 1 certificate courses.

In 2015, we moved back to Kauai and I have been able to use this knowledge to coach Olympic Weightlifting at Kauai Weightlifting and CrossFit at Crossfit High Impact. It has been a great experience to help bring fitness and health to the place I call home. 

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