Last saturday before the competition!  Be focused and write your warm ups down!  Strive for no misses.  If you miss early in your warm ups and you think it was because of a minor technical error, than fix it and continue on. If you miss because its heavy and you aren’t confident you can make it on the platform than it is probably too heavy for your opener.  The goal if this is your first meet is 6 for 6.  Success breeds success!

  1. Snatch
    1. Work up to Opener for competition
  2. Clean & Jerk
    1. Work up to Opener for competition
  3. Front Squat
    1. Heavy single

Super important that you write your warm ups down.  You want to know how many sets it takes you in the warm up area to get to the weight you plan on opening at on the competition platform.  This is important for timing and being ready to lift.  An Example of what I did last year at a competition is below:


You might have similar sets or maybe more or less sets.  What matters is that you feel the best you can when your name is called to lift on the platform.  What I did after my openers depended on how I felt about the previous lift.  Let your body guide you, and not your ego!

If you prepare properly this coming week you should be feeling pretty damn good and ready to get after it on Saturday!


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