These last 10 days are crucial to having success at the Kauai Weightlifting Classic.  How you train and recover will be a huge factor on how you feel game day!

  1. Tall Snatch (light weight)
    1. 4 x 3
  2. Hang Snatch (Above the knee) no blocks and looking for no misses.  If you miss take the weight down.
    1. (70% x 1)5
    2. (75% x 1)5
  3. Power Clean + Power Jerk (focus on speed of elbows and vertical dip.
    1. (70% x 1)5
    2. (75% x 1)5
  4. Snatch High Pull
    1. (85% x 3)3

Rest up for Saturday and be ready to lift up to Openers for next week.

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